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hugo boss sonnenbrille

The sunglass lens tint reduces visible light and offers effective protection against sun glare. Renowned manufacturers ranked lenses into different categories depending on light conditions. To obtain the category to which a pair of sunglasses belongs, you just consider the interior from the frame. Ranking ranges from 0 to 4 based on European standards:

Category 0: Passes 80% to 100% of brightness. Clear or slightly tinted, perfect for outdoors and indoors with cloudy weather.
Category 1: Passes 43% to 80% of brightness. Slightly tinted glasses: the perception of the luminosity is reduced. Great for cloudy days and in the city.
Category 2: Passes 18% to 43% of brightness. Moderately tinted lenses: light perception average. Particularly ideal for summer.
Category 3: Release 8% to 18% brightness. Dark glasses: strong sunlight. Very suitable for southern climates, water reflections, beaches and mountains.
Category 4: Passes 3% to 18% light. Very dark glasses: exceptional solar luminosity (not recommended for driving). Ideal for high mountains and glaciers.

UV filtering occurs through appropriate lenses regardless of the degree of "darkness" of the tint. It's not necessarily the darkest glasses that best protect your eyes, but sunglass lenses created using materials of top quality, high capacity UV-ray filters.

hugo boss sonnenbrille

The sunglasses with the CE mark adhere to all requirements and directives, and provide adequate ultraviolet ray protection for that eyes. The CE mark often etched to the within the frame and much more specifically to one arm of the sunglass frame, shows compliance with safety requirements in accordance with EU directives. There isn't any independent body that inspects each model individually. However, the famous manufacturers of glasses are often voluntarily complying with these standards because of their desire to preserve their global standing and to keep their reputation intact. You may also look for yourself the validity of that mark by consulting a specialist within the optical world or just an optician.
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